ASYMOTION™ Patented Asymotion Hinge System AsyMotion is a patented hinge technology that reproduces all the natural movements of the knee. Its asymmetric configuration, allows to follow the screw-home mechanism of the knee. Respecting the exact motion of your knee joint motion prevents migration of the brace and ensures unparalleled comfort.

Light as feather Lightest OA Knee Brace in the world Evoke is optimally designed to be streamline, yet effective, all while using materials that are ultra light. This allows the Evoke to be 50% lighter than any other OA knee brace on the market.

Rigidity Integrated stiffness bars for optimized and precisely located rigidity Using reinforcement stiffness bars, Evoke’s optimized design allows for rigidity where it’s necessary in order to add extra control and correction to the leg, only where it’s needed.

Low-Profile Hyper Low-Profile Frame 4mm or 5mm thickness Evoke’s ultra low-profile frame design allows for users to wear their pants, or dresses, and/or sports uniforms while over their brace. Bilateral bracing can also be worn comfortably and without interference.