OssKin’s Evoke™ is the lightest knee brace on the market, at 9 oz, that provides unloading and pain relief for patients who have mild to severe unicompartment OA. Combining high performance aircraft-grade Polyamide 2200 material with software aided design, the ultra low-profile frame design fits under clothing and sports uniforms.

CheckmarkModerate to severe medial and lateral knee compartment OA

CheckmarkKnee conditions requiring load reduction and redistribution

CheckmarkACL and PCL reconstructions

CheckmarkMCL/LCL instabilities

CheckmarkTibia Plateau Fracture

CheckmarkFor daily living and demanding sports activities

CheckmarkFeatherlight and durable construction material used for airplanes

CheckmarkUltra low-profile 0.6mm frame allows for brace to be worn under pants

CheckmarkAsyMotion™ a Helicoidal hinge system that perfectly replicates knee movement

CheckmarkAntomically custom 3D printed frame for all morphologies

CheckmarkAnti-slippage keeps brace in the right place, for full effectiveness and treatment

CheckmarkThermoforable material for easy re-adjustments

CheckmarkEffective and quick pain relief

CheckmarkReduced use of pain medications

CheckmarkIncreased daily activity

CheckmarkIncrease patient compliance

CheckmarkDecreased mechanical overload

CheckmarkFluid motion at the knee reduces ache on other joints

CheckmarkFits perfectly on any body type

CheckmarkImproves quality of life



Watch how our process and product can change you life. From virtual to reality, the OssKin experience is unmatched.

AsyMotion is a patented hinge technology that reproduces all the natural movements of the knee. Its asymmetric configuration, allows to follow the screw-home mechanism of the knee. Respecting the exact motion of your articulation prevents migration of the brace and ensures unparalleled comfort through the entire motion of your life.

Asymotion1                    Asymotion2

Bespök™ Technology


Our unique Bespök™ Modeling technology is the world’s first completely digital knee brace design process. Every Evoke™ knee brace is uniquely designed from your specifications to treat your unique condition. We can change the thickness of certain area, modify the layout. This level of customization ensures a perfect fit of the brace while providing the exact support you need.


Bespok video

Bespok video

Bespok video

Bespok video

Additive Manufacturing

The only way to achieve the high level of customization of the Evoke brace is by using additive manufacturing technology. This industrial process developed in the aerospace industry fuses layers of polyamide powder with a laser in order to obtain a dense and rigid material. No mold or manual operations are used and it enables a complete freedom on the characteristics of the brace. This allows to modify the thickness, the layout, the position of the components seamlessly.

Additive manufacturing provides the ability to create extremely complex geometries. Therefore, brace designs that were not possible to manufacture before are now achievable. This means you can optimize the geometry of your brace to have only the material where its needed. With the MaxMotion brace you get the most efficient structure to support your knee and still is the lightest brace on the market.


video manufacturing
video manufacturing

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