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OssKin: 3D printed
custom knee braces

World’s only knee brace able to
perfectly replicate the knee’s entire
including axial rotation


The first custom unloader knee brace to reproduce the natural movement of the knee


The first custom ligament knee brace to reproduce the natural movement of the knee

OssKin’s cutting‑edge technology in custom knee bracing


hinge system

Patented system is the first to reproduce tridimensional kinematics of the knee. Provides load distribution preventing pain in other knee joint



State of the art proprietary technology modelizes a truly custom brace from ground up, while allowing providers to realign the leg and thigh using technology’s correction function.



Highly precise SLS 3D-printing uses durable and featherlight materials that absorb shocks and resist to extensive loading. Material commonly used in medical, aerospace and motorsports industries.

Asymmotion™ Hinge System

Providing a revolution in motion

OssKin devotes its focus and expertise in incorporating the most innovative and effective technologies in bracing in order to help people become more mobile and confident regardless of injuries or conditions that could help compromise their quality of life.

This groundbreaking technology, integrated into custom knee brace designs, underlines the OssKin’s dedication to quality and innovation, providing individuals with support and stability.

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OssKin products have been developed using the most rigorous clinical methodology. Our tailored and proven process ensures that you have the power to maximize your patient’s outcome.

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Side view of a knee brace for knee pain and ligament injuries