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Our DNA. Reinventing orthotics.

OssKin makes orthotics based on sound human biomechanic principles, while using proprietary


Who is OssKin?

What happens if you place a physicist, an orthotist, and a rocket scientist in the same room? OssKin. We have one common passion, excelling human science beyond the status quo, and one vision, leading the whole industry to future.
Years of clinical and technical experience
OssKin’s diverse team has acquired deep knowledge in biomechanics, product engineering, manufacturing, and clinical affairs.
Walking steps in our products
Our satisfied clients walking with our products are the most important members of our team. They’re constant feedback fuels OssKin to advance ne technologies in human biomechanics.
Making truly custom SLS 3D printed orthotics that is proven to improve human mobilty more effectively then any other orthotics in the world.
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Get in touch to learn more about the most innovative knee brace on the market.
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Side view of a knee brace for knee pain and ligament injuries
Our Mission
To offer people with mobility issues orthopaedic solutions that help them fulfill the dynamic life they choose. OssKin’s believes that combining only the most advanced software tools combined with additive manufacturing can create the most revolutionary products that enhance human capacity.