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Our tailored and proven process ensures that you have the power to maximize your patient’s outcome.

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How to become a certified OssKin provider 

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Osskin’s cutting‑edge technology in knee bracing


hinge system
Patented system is the first to reproduce tridimensional kinematics of the knee. Provides load distribution preventing pain in other joint


State of the art proprietary technology modelizes a truly custom knee brace from ground up, while allowing providers to realign the leg and tigh using technology’s correction function.



Highly precise SLS 3D-printing uses durable and featherlight materials that absorb shocks and resist to extensive loading. Material commonly used in medical, aerospace and motorsports industries.

OssKin’s revolutionary scan‑to‑print solution

Clinical studies of OssKin products

OssKin products have been developed using the most rigorous clinical methodology.

You can find links to some of our research below. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like to obtain more information on our clinical tests and studies.

Effect of custom-made knee brace with 3D hinges

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of a custom-made knee brace, in which hinges reproducing the three-dimensional motion of the tibio-femoral joint in 6 degrees of freedom is built, on three-dimensional kinematics and kinetics characteristics of the lower extremity during normal walking in osteoarthritic patients.

Quantitative evaluation of Evoke knee orthosis using EOS biplane X-ray images during squat movement

The general investigation was to compare kinematics ground reaction forces and bone-to-bone distance at the contact point locations in OA subjects during a quasi-static task with and without wearing a knee orthosis in multiple squat postures.

Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) Assessment

The WOMAC is a proprietary health status questionnaire that assess pain, stiffness and physical function in patients with hip and / or knee osteoarthritis (OA).


Reinventing orthotics.

OssKin makes orthotics based on sound human biomechanic principles, while using proprietary software and SLS 3D printing. We’re revolutionizing orthotics today and tomorrow.

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Side view of a knee brace for knee pain and ligament injuries


Appointment with local

Contact and setup an appointment with a licensed
healthcare professional.


Patient Assessment & Scanning

Provide doctors prescription to your healthcare professional, who will then assess your condition and 3D scan your leg.


Digital Modelization

Based on healthcare professionals measurements and scan, OssKin precisely 3D digitally modelizes a knee brace.


Additive manufacturing

3D digital modelized parts are SLS 3D-printed in industrial aerospace-grade equipment.


Assembly & Drop Shipped
to clinic

OssKin assembles the knee brace using the 3D-printed parts, then drop ships the brace to your healthcare professional.


Patient delivery & fitting
with clinician

Patient returns to see their healthcare professional for delivery and fitting of their knee brace.

Our Mission
To offer people with mobility issues orthopaedic solutions that help them fulfill the dynamic life they choose. OssKin’s believes that combining only the most advanced software tools combined with additive manufacturing can create the most revolutionary products that enhance human capacity.