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Our Knee Braces

Our hinged knee braces are designed to handle various knee conditions. They provide unmatched protection, support and relief for conditions from mild to severe knee arthritis, to torn ligaments or menisci. 

Each product aims to alleviate pain, increase mobility, and promote better knee stability, taking into each patient’s needs, body shapes and physical activity level.

The Key Strengths of our 3D-printed Knee Braces

Understanding the specifics of our custom knee braces can shed light on their superior performance in treating knee conditions . With our state-of-the-art technology and innovative features, our braces have become a preferred treatment option. Here are the defining features that make our braces stand out:


Patented Asymmotion™
Hinge System

Asymmotion™ is a patented hinge technology that emulates all the natural movements of the knee. Its asymmetric configuration aligns with the screw-home mechanism of the knee, preventing brace migration and ensuring a complete comfort.


Lightest Knee Brace
in the World

Because we know that comfort matters, our knee braces are streamlined yet effective, using ultra-light materials. This design approach means that they are 50% lighter than any other ligament and OA knee brace on the market.


Integrated Stiffness Bars for Optimized
and Precisely Located Rigidity

With reinforcement stiffness bars on some of our products, OssKin’s design offers rigidity only where necessary, providing additional control and correction to the leg.


Hyper Low-Profile Frame
4mm or 5mm thickness

Low-profile frame design allows users to wear clothing or sports uniforms over the brace comfortably. Bilateral bracing is also comfortable and non-intrusive.

OssKin’s Revolutionary Scan‑to‑Print Solution

Beyond our selection of 3D-printed knee braces, we leverage groundbreaking software technology in our approach to knee bracing. Our scan-to-print solution enables unparalleled precision in maximizing patient outcomes.

We utilize OssKin’s proprietary software to create a digital model of the patient’s leg (size, shapes, motions…). This innovative approach allows us to customize each knee brace to the distinct contours of the patient’s leg. The brace parts are then created using cutting-edge SLS 3D printers, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit.

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