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Medicus Group:  How the Chief Clinician improved his practice with OssKin

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The Medicus Group has worked with Osskin since its inception in 2016 and have built a strong and trusting relationship to provide solutions for patients with knee problems. 

For the chief clinician at Medicus, the limits of certain so-called “traditional” orthoses lay in the weight that was sometimes too heavy for the clients, but also in the migration of the orthosis, which did not stay in place on the patient’s knee. These different issues reduced patients’ confidence in orthotics and their willingness to wear them. 

Establishing the collaboration:

By now working with OssKin’s custom knee braces, the chief clinician has seen a real evolution of the products offered. There is now a real effective treatment plan, and this thanks to OssKin’s pure respect for anatomy and biomechanics. 

Indeed, thanks to patented technology, the Asymmotion™ hinge system, the Evoke and Provoke are the first 3D printed orthoses to reproduce the three-dimensional kinematics of the knee. Its Bespok™ technology allows the customization and modeling of each orthosis and to respond precisely to all morphologies and pathologies. 

These new “Scan-to-Print” digital technologies make it possible to move away from manual modification for healthcare professionals and to have a more personalized proposal for its customers. 

Personalization is at the heart of OssKin, a value that is also reflected in a very responsive and personal customer service for the Medicus chief clinician. 

OssKin offers the most effective treatment plan for patient's suffering from knee osteoarthrisis, compared to other wellknown knee devices I've used beforehand"

Chief Clinician - Medicus Group

Find out how Medicus Group expanded its listing and how the head clinician changed his practice with OssKin orthotics ↓

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