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Our OssKin products have undergone in-depth development based on rigorous clinical methodology.

Discover the scientific studies and references on osteoarthritis of the knee, the innovation of 3D printing and the effectiveness of offloading orthoses, which enable us to develop our products and offer unique and innovative orthoses.

3D-printed knee brace

Osteoarthritis pains and symptoms

Varus and valgus alignment and incident and progressive knee osteoarthritis

Leena Sharma, Jing SongDorothy DunlopDavid FelsonCora E LewisNeil SegalJames TornerT Derek V CookeJean HietpasJohn LynchMichael Nevitt 

National Library of Medicine – November 2010

OssKin knee braces

Quantitative evaluation of Evoke knee orthosis using EOS biplane X-ray images during squat movement

Rachid Aissaoui

Laboratoire de Recherche en Imagerie et Orthopédie (LIO), CRCHUM, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Centre de Recherche du CHUM, Montréal, Québec,

Effect of Custom Made Knee Brace With 3D Hinges

Hajizadeh, M.1, Begon, M.1, Michaud, B.1, Bleau, J.2, Hinse, S.2 – University of Montreal1, Medicus Orthopedic Laboratory2

American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists – 43rd Academy Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium – March 1-4, 2017