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Wearing your knee brace during summer activities 

Surfing with knee brace

With the summer months just around the corner, the question “Will I be able to enjoy summer activities while wearing my knee brace?” is on your mind. 

OssKin puts innovation first to help people become more mobile and confident, whatever injuries or conditions might compromise their quality of life. 

Here’s our advice on how to enjoy a stress-free summer with your Evoke or Provoke knee brace! Orthotics will help you relieve pain and provide real support during your various activities. However, before undertaking any activity, it’s important to inform your doctor and local clinician. 

Lightweight knee braces for comfort in hot summers

Provoke ligament knee braces and Evoke unloader knee braces are designed using 3D printing, which allows us to personalize and optimize the right amount of material only where it’s necessary, to keep the weight down. OssKin braces will help you avoid discomfort when you’re on the move, especially in hot weather. with a 6-8 mm thick frame, the brace can easily be worn under a dress or pants. 

Swimming with my brace

Thanks to its soft, robust material, it’s perfectly suitable for swimming in the sea or in a pool. Water won’t damage your brace, and the weight of the water won’t weigh your leg down. 

However, don’t forget to clean your brace by hand after swimming, in clear water, to avoid any residues or bacteria that may be lodged in the brace’s hinges. Don’t forget to air-dry your brace. 

Continue gardening or hiking

Each knee orthosis is unique and customized to best suit each pathology and morphology. OssKin orthoses follow the natural three-dimensional movement of the knee and do not impede leg mobility. So, whatever your level of osteoarthritis, you can carry on with your usual activities, such as gardening or hiking. 

For physical activities, we recommend wearing leggings or knee undersleeves underneath your Provoke for greater comfort. 

Work out

In the event of a cruciate ligament tear, it is possible for active people or athletes to gradually return to sport, by wearing a knee orthosis to support the knee and prevent instability.  

It is perfectly possible to play sports, but we recommend non-contact sports such as tennis, golf, hiking, recreational soccer or surfing, to avoid any impact on the brace. 

We don’t recommend practicing any contact sport such as rugby, football, lacrosse, hockey, or field hockey.. 

Playing golf with Evoke personalized knee brace
ligament knee brace brochure

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